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1281 Homes Blog: Online service offers real estate aid to divorcing couples & Forfeiture web site BELOW
THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2024 PROPERTY NEWS: Online service offers real estate aid to divorcing couples & Forfeiture web site BELOW

Hello Divorce, a platform that provides legal assistance to couples in the process of divorce, has introduced a new service, HomeSplit, to help individuals navigate the process of dividing their home’s financial assets.
Finding a way to divide a home can be financially and emotionally fraught, and HomeSplit aims to help consumers regain some control over their financial future after the divorce.

On the platform, homeowners fill in information about their home, such as the estimated value and sale price, remaining mortgage debt, and their post divorce goals. In return, they receive a report detailing the various options they have for reaching their goals.
They can also benefit from expert guidance from real estate professionals who specialize in divorce cases. The service is free of charge for the consumer, except for certain services that require a fee.

If the client decides to proceed with the real estate professional, they connect with through Hello Divorce, the company receives a referral commission upon closing. HomeSplit can help streamline buyouts, identify unknown liens, and solve refinancing hurdles

SOURCE: Sarah Marx

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