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1281 Homes Blog: How to add flexibility and personalization to the borrower experience & Worries web site BELOW
THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2021 PROPERTY NEWS: How to add flexibility and personalization to the borrower experience & Worries web site BELOW

Mortgage lender and servicer Homepoint formerly known as Home Point Financial recently launched a mobile app that is growing in popularity amongst its customers and mortgage broker partners.
The app, a mobile extension of Homepoints online Home Ownership Platform (or HOP), was formally announced as a featured item in the unveiling of its new brand last week. In addition, Homepoint unveiled a new corporate website and fresh, consumer facing messaging.
Those enhancements are part of a strategy that the company is implementing to redefine the homebuying and homeownership experience through people first innovation.

We truly view ourselves as a customer service company that specializes in mortgages. People come first, said Perry Hilzendeger, president of servicing at Homepoint. Our focus is centered on making the borrower experience as simple and easy as possible, while still ensuring we are providing the customer with all the information they need to make the right decision for their situation.
The core of our originations business is done with our broker and correspondent partners and the customer in the center driving business for Homepoint and for our partners, he continued. So weve made it a point, as part of our rebrand, to use messaging that speaks directly to the value and benefits the customer receives from getting a mortgage through Homepoint.

The HOP mobile version is part of a suite of new resources Homepoint introduced to help customers efficiently manage and make the most of their home investment. Through this digital offering, customers can access documents, make payments and discover new products and services that support healthy homeownership habits, Homepoint said in a release.
Our approach is to personalize the borrower experience, one that fits their needs and do so, when, where and how it works best for them, said Hilzendeger. We service over 300,000 customers, and 75 percent of those customers chose the HOP as their primary mode of engagement with us. That leaves 25 percent of our portfolio that prefers more traditional connections via phone, mail or email. We are adapting and evolving to ensure that our customers hear from us and can engage with us in the way that works best for them.

Homepoint, the nations third largest wholesale lender and ninth largest nonbank lender in the third quarter of 2020, leverages a network of over 5,500 partners that bring expertise and insight to the local communities they serve. Through the first nine months of this year, Homepoint closed more than $38 billion in total loan volume, which was already a 71 percent increase from its 2019 year end total of $22.2 billion.

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